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The personal kitchen, to make your a house your home

Making beautiful kitchens is hardly a challenge. Making beautiful, accessible kitchens, on the other hand, is. We go for beautiful. For beautiful kitchens that never get boring. Thank goodness, because a beautiful kitchen will host cooking, eating, and living. Beautiful, for us, goes hand-in-hand with every day quality, and that’s when beautiful feels good too.

Beautiful is different for everybody. We accommodate these differences by offering choice: in styles, colours, details, and finishing. In this way we transform something subjective into personal beauty

Every person is unique, so why shouldn’t your kitchen be unique as well? Call in to see our Keller Kitchens at Insignia 



Thank you for a wonderful kitchen and for your patience and consideration. Delighted with the excellent service throughout from initial design to completion.
M. Blackwell, Lancashire
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